Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I never thought I would say this

Denis MacShane is dead right.

Though of course he rather goes awry when he claims that the Government is getting serious,
"There is a new determination in government to spell out hard truths" given the words of the Home Secretary yesterday, (see below) he is right when he says, "Islamist" is an accurate description of a global ideology that has been slowly incubating for decades".

Come to think of it this is a bit nice of me. Denis MacShane was Europe Minister, the rules governing the use of language in these 'sensitive areas' come from Brussels. He is a hard core supporter iof the project. Thus he either no longer loves the EU and all its doings or more likely he is a hypocrite.
Story picked up today I see in the Express and by the Today programme. (20 minutes in)

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