Sunday, June 24, 2007

Why why the hell don't you?

The head of the Army's medical service, General Lillywhite has rebuffed the Sunday Telegraph's article of last week that pointed out that the military medicine being practiced in Afghanistan is failing out troops. Specifically it suggested that lives that should have been saved were not due to failings of resources and equipment - most specifically helicopters.

When Lt Col Paul Parker expressed the fear that "British hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan could run out of blood, oxygen and drugs if more than two seriously wounded troops arrived at the same time" he was describing a type of medical unit not currently deployed (News, June 17). There are detailed plans to
make sure we do not run out of supplies. Col Parker also criticised the lack of a dedicated medical helicopter fleet. I have not asked for dedicated helicopters, nor do I want them, as our military personnel have priority access to a range of helicopters 24 hours a day. It takes longer to helicopter people to hospital in Afghanistan than it did in Vietnam simply because the distances that we fly are much greater. We take specialist medical teams and equipment in a helicopter to the patient in the battlefield, rather than wait for them to get to hospital, and many lives are saved when they would have been lost in the "Vietnam era".

Defence ministers have told me that should more resources be required, I need
only to ask.

I am suprised he hasn't been taken to task by EU Referendum, but it seems that they have decided that the EU is back on track and therefore must remember their strapline.

The good general doesn't want dedicated helicopters. What the F%&*K! "Defence ministers have told me that should more resources be required, I need
only to ask".

Get on the phone immediately you poor excuse for a general. Are you seriously telling me that all is tickety boo in Military medicine. The fact that hospitals have been closed, medical staffing slashed leaves you cold does it?

What the blithering hell are you doing. The parents of those who have found themselves stuck in civil hostpitals been insulted by those with whom they share a ward; The brothers of those who have spent hours waiting for serious treatment and have later died; in a more honourable age they would have asked for satisfaction.
Instead all we hear is self satisfaction.

A longer version of his comments can be read here, taken from a BFBS broadcast. His suggestion that he can use any helicopter going and he would prefer that as having helicopters lying idle during quite periods was a waste is preposterous in the extreme. You might as well say the same for our nuclear deterrent.

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The English Libertarian said...

A disgrace. He should be ejected from the army immediately, with only a brief pause for a good lashing. Or perhaps it would be more suiting to paint him orange and put him on the front line, see how the medical treatment does for him out there.