Friday, June 01, 2007

That Tory Education Policy in Full

No really this isn't a policy change it's a complete affirmation of our stated policy that selection doesn't improve standards except in Tory held areas where there are still grammar schools where we reserve the right to ensure that our members get re-elected.

Update: And there is more
Not only is Dominic Grieve (Southern Constituency, Public Schoolboy front bench spokesman) being saved by the Tory U-turn, now it is the turn of Michael Fallon(Southern Constituency Public Schoolboy) to be saved. He told his local paper,
"Yesterday (Wednesday) Mr Fallon was asked if the new Conservative policy against building more grammar schools meant the end of the debate for one in the town.He said: "Not at all. We need more grammar school places and one of the Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells schools could open up a campus in Sevenoaks. What we're discussing is a campus of existing grammar schools in Sevenoaks to eliminate the time and cost involved in travelling."Asked if he would like to see a U-turn in Tory leader David Cameron's thinking, Mr Fallon added: "We can only comment on our own constituencies".

So now what?

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