Saturday, June 23, 2007

Panic over

The bar is back open. And the beer is flowing again. However it is still stalemate.
Currently the whole 'mandate' is being held up by Guy Verhofstadt and the Maltese. The suspicion is is that the Maltese have got to have some bone to chuck their people after they caved into Euro animal welfare lobbying and banned the hunting of migrant birds. This one might think is a small thing, but was key to the sucessful Yes vote in the EU accession referendum. The Yes side promised that hunting wouldn't be effected, but it is.

In the case of Mt Verhofstadt. Nobody is quite sure what he is up to but it seems that he is sticking on 17 seperate points.

Given that the document is only 16 pages long that it quite something. Not only that he is no longer the elected Prime Minister, so he seems to be trying to go out with a bang.

The deadline for all of this is not being driven by any European perspective. Yes Mrs Merkel is theatening to take her toys home, 'Agree to the Luxembourg proposals or to hell with you' is the message coming from rather sleek German officials. (at 4.30 in the morning suspiciously sleek). Not at all, the whole thing is time stamped 11am.


Well that is when Tony Blair is booked to fly of to see the Pope and swim the Tiber.

This is one of the various smoking areas

Clever piece of kit, if ugly. The roof breathes in

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