Monday, June 18, 2007

Now who's the Turkey

This report from Staffordshire just sums up what is wrong with the prison system.

Four heroin addict prisoners received thousands of pounds in compensationlast year after being forced to go cold turkey.Two inmates at Stafford Prison,one at Sudbury Open Prison and one at Dovegate, near Uttoxeter, were each paid£3,807.

No tell me if I am wrong, but I believe that heroin is illegal. Next that these types were in prison for a reason, most probably due to criminal activity. Given that heroin is ilegal and they are in prison, it stands to reason that they should not be taking heroin.
Then why the devil are they being compensated for not breaking the law?
Ah now I see it,
"Damages paid to the heroin addicts were approved by a High Court judge last year after their claims that the practice was an assault and breach of their human rights".
A breach of their human rights be damned. Utter tripe. Now I have no idea what they were banged up for, but knowing how hardit is to spend time at Her Majesty's Pleasure these days I doubt it was jaywalking.The judge must have been out of his tiny mind (any chance of a blood test Mi'Lord).

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