Monday, June 18, 2007

Join us Ambrose, the water is lovely

Ambrose Evans Pritchard writes in his Telegraph column today,

"If Europe's political leaders succeed in ramming through a barely disguised remake of the same European constitution rejected by the French and Dutch people, I for one will come off the fence after years of hesitation and join the fight for total British withdrawal from the Union".
Well given what looks like the end result of this weekend he will not have to shift his bottom just yet, as they are not creating a treaty this week. But I suspect that come the Portugese summit later this year he will be finally clambering into the withdrawalist camp.

The point is is that it is not the fault of Mrs Merkel and the other continental powers, it is purely the duplicity of our own government that drives him to this,
"There are in any case lines of principle that may not be crossed, as Tony Blair acknowledged in April 2004.
"What you cannot do is have a situation where you get a rejection of the treaty and bring it back with a few amendments and say: 'Have another go.' You cannot do that," he said.
Oh yes they can Ambrose, and they will

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