Saturday, June 16, 2007

European Wind Day

So the phenomenally well funded wind power lobby put on a free club las night in the shadow of the Berlyamonster. Prety well attended it was and all under the watchful eye of a half sized turbine planted square in Rond Point Schumann. The problem of course is that for the event to work at all there is a need for the turbine to turn.
And that of course is where it all fals apart. From what I understand the "Carbon free party night" and the Turnine itself were, of course all powered by the national grid. Carbon free indeed, carbon expensive.
So rather than European wind day, maybe hot air would be a beter description, and pretty dishonest hot air at that.
Good tunes though


Lady Louisa Nugent said...

Hey you're just sour grapes because you got sent home early to relieve the babysitter.

Elaib said...

I thought I was quite nice about the event. It's the cant I cannot abide.

Oh, and pay the babysitter