Monday, June 04, 2007

Cameron's swill

Odd little piece in the Indy on Sunday via Dizzy.
Dave it appears boasts about breaking the law,
"My neighbour keeps pigs. We feed them our vegetable scraps. Illegally."
Dizzy asks what law that might be.
Well I think I have found it, and you will no doubt be suprised that it is, yes, an EU Regulation.

laying down health rules concerning animal by-products not intended for human consumption,
(8) Catering waste containing products of animal origin can also be a vector for the spread of disease. All catering waste generated from means of transport operating internationally should be disposed of safely. Catering waste produced within the Community should not be used for the feeding of farmed animals other than fur animals.

Not only that but following the Foot and Mouth Disease the UK Government bolted on further details,
"There are specific places that catering waste must go to for disposal, such as:
• Licensed landfill sites (in accordance with the Landfill Directive 1999/31/EC)
• Approved composting plants (under the Animal By-Products Regulation (EC) no. 1774/2002)
• Approved biogas plants (under the Animal By-Products Regulation)
• Incineration plants (approved under the Waste Incineration Directive 2000/76/EC)
• Approved rendering plants (under the Animal By-Products Regulation)

Worse still, as far as I can work out, by doing so, Cameron has also caused his next door neighbour to break the law,

"It is illegal to feed any pig any catering waste (including used cooking oil) from restaurants, kitchens (both household and central), and other catering facilities even if those establishments cater solely for vegetarians".

So who is going to take him to court?

Delightfully elsewhere on the Defra website are these instructions,

• Licences can be issued to take pet pigs for walks
• For a licence you need to contact your local AHO see Annex 1
• Your route will need to be approved
• If the Veterinary Officer at the AHO believes there is a risk with your route it will not be approved
• Routes may not be approved due to proximity to: a livestock market, high health status pig farms or fast food outlets, etc
• If it is approved, you are issued with a licence that needs to be renewed annually

Dammit I forgot to check with the Animal Health Office, I'm for the high jump now.


eulogist said...

So it's not an EU regulation then, but the UK's own gold-plating of one. Thanks for pointing that out.

Elaib said...

Nope, its both. He is breaking both the original EU regulation, and the more detailed UK regulation.

Elaib said...

Oh yes, good to see you around, I thought you had vanished into the ether

eulogist said...

Thanks, likewise (although you had not vanished like I did). I had (have still) just too many things going on in real life to have much energy left to blog. And then there is my tendency to be long-winded, which is another reason to procrastinate finishing half-finished blogs.

On the Regulation: I ploughed through it, but for what I can see it applies to byproducts containing animal waste only, not to vegetable waste. That part was added by the UK.

The Aunt said...

No Private Function, then?

Dammit. I had polished my shoes specially.