Thursday, May 03, 2007

What are these people doing_

Reported in Metro

Answer in the comments


Elaib said...

Competing to get on the top table in the school canteen...

Tippler said...

For a moment back there I thought the blonde who starts on the far right was...

But no.

She was lacking majorly in a way that Honey most definitely isn't.

Er, I'll shut up now.

Aunty Marianne said...

Tippler, I agree, absolutely. I did too.

I think these people are campaigning on behalf of a political party. Hence the large X one of the ladies has painted on her belly, as in, "Vote for this". It may be a minority party hustling for the youth vote just that little bit too hard.

Honey said...

Teachers have refused to stop an annual striptease by pupils despite a video of an onstage lesbian love romp ending up on YouTube.

Film of the girls stripping off in front of teachers and pupils sparked outrage among education chiefs who now want it banned.

But officials at the school in Denmark are fighting to hold onto the annual event.

A spokesman said: 'The girls' teachers vote as the best get the best places on the tables in the canteen.'

the headmaster ends with 'And anyway, the girls who did this didn't win the competition because their performance was over the top.'

oh my, it's for real.... and thanks for the compliment guys, she is cute the blonde.