Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MEPs are big children, perhaps but this is ridiculous

This has just been sent to every email address in the European Parliament. For pities sake these people claim to be able to legislate for hundreds of millions of people, but they need to be told to 'avoid large portions at mealtimes'.

Dear Colleagues,

In anticipation of a possible heat wave this summer, the Service for Prevention and Protection at Work (SPPT) would like to bring to your attention some advice as well as inform you about the general measures taken according to the opinion 02/2005 of the Advisory Committee on Prevention and Protection at Work relating to "weather conditions - threshold limit values".

About your health

The temperature of a person in good health is constant. Under very warm conditions physiological mechanisms seek to keep the body temperature constant. Whenever the limits of these mechanisms are surpassed, risks to health arise. These risks are higher if there are aggravating factors : illness, heavy work and outdoors work.

We advise you to adjust your behaviour during very hot days:

1. Drink water regularly. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Limit your tabacco use. Avoid large portions at mealtimes.
2. Wear loose fitting, light clothes of light colours. Outdoors, protect your head
from the sun.
3. Avoid over exertion.
4. Eliminate any unnecessary heat source : shut off unused electrical appliances.

Symptoms of a pathological condition are : weakness, tiredness, over sweating, headaches, vertigo, cramps, incoherence...

Lets think,
1) Grow up
2) Panama's will no doubt become de rigeur
3) In this place of work, be serious
4) Well turn of the desk top of the Prevention unit would be a start.


Anonymous said...

It's clearly got your attention.

JolietJake said...

I don't see your problem, frankly I'm impressed the administration is acting in anticipation.

Perhaps the Commission can tell us how to interpret these recommendations for Sauna workers.

Elaib said...

C'mon Joliet,
Surely we are adults. We can look after ourselves.

However that is a very moot point you have there about the Suana staff.

Anonymous said...

With the number of hat tips you have to concede, surely you could supply the panamas

Elaib said...

You have a point, it could be a nice little earner.
However I fear that the import duties imposed on the finest Ecuadorian headware would be prohibative