Friday, May 18, 2007

The Bill just gets bigger

And thats before you even factor in freedom.
It appears that yet another aspect of the Government's id scheme is spiralling out of control. James Hall who is the boss of the Identity and Passport Service has admitted

"the previous calculations of the number of people needed to roll out the cards to all UK adults were unrealistic.
‘We have taken a more conservative view of the number of application and enrolment examiners needed to successfully deliver the scheme,’ said Hall.
‘We have factored in increased numbers in the short term and have avoided planning for reductions until we are fully transitioned. It risks the integrity of the scheme to reduce staff numbers at the same time as introducing new technology,’ he said.
The price tag will continue to fluctuate because of inflation and take-up levels, but costs are not expected to rise so sharply again.
‘With some caveats, and the fact that we have not yet started the procurement, we believe we have bottomed out the costs and do not see any reason for them to change significantly,’ said Hall.

Oh I love the way that the price will continue to fluctuate, butr he says bnot up. Tell that to the judge. So far the price has fluctuated wildly, but always in the same direction, UP.
What has changed to make this no longer the case?

Meanwhile the FCO has admitted it has screwed up the online visa application system in India. The problem appears to be solved now. But if they cannot run something simple like that, how the hell do they think they will be able to run the ID card system?

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The Aunt said...

So far the main argument against ID cards seems to be that their deployment has been, is and would be shambolic.

More credit would go to argumentation based on the advisability of ID cards themselves, not on doubts whether they could be implemented.

Where there is a will there's a way. The issue right now is that there just isn't a will.