Monday, April 30, 2007

Vote for the bloke in a pink dress

Dragonfire popped by and well I have to comment. His latest post on the Welsh Assembly elections should be read in full and can be found here.

However I will pluck a few choice morsels.

"First up we have the cucumbers - The Conservative Party. Very green and slightly appealing on the outside but, on the inside, nothing much but a sad disappointment. A bit wet, a queer taste and very little to get your teeth into. An enigma within a sealed vacuum (and that's just David Cameron!).

Next up we have the potatoes - The Liberal Democrats. A lot of unedifying and unattractive starch that has got rid of a bland and unimaginative leader (with little substance) and then replaced him with - a bland and unimaginative leader (with little substance). Wow. Such "intelligent judgement" and brave moral decisions on Iraq. What a shame we haven't had any more since.

And here is my favourite,
Next we have the tomatoes - Plaid Cymru. A dark political red with a hint of green but, after more than three expensive sounding policies, there is just something hard to swallow. Something hard to digest and to take in. For you quickly realise why Plaid Cymru has two party leaders. One to hold you down whilst the other empties your wallet to pay for their

Read the whole thing

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Mike Wood said...

Read the headline and thought it was an endorsement. Clearly you haven't seen my photos from Friday night yet.