Monday, April 02, 2007

European Parliamentary Assistants


"Once I counted an email arriving every 10 seconds".

Gaëlle, assistant to a French MEP

"The work is proportionate to that of the MEP; sometimes we get some funny phone calls, asking for any task - like if the MEP could resolve everything of this world".

Luciano Gaudio assistant to an Italian MEP.

"It is a very intensive working-relationship and you need to multi-task constantly - you are involved in shaping the EU's future".

Lisa Bauer, assistant to a German member.

"Working as an Assistant to an MEP can vary from being very exciting to pretty annoying and frustrating, all depends on the MEP you work with".

Maria Panagiotou, assistant to a Greek MEP

"It's like to be sort of a "deputy without portfolio".

Andrea, assistant to an Italian MEP.

"It's a unique experience and indeed a privileged position, which contributes effectively to widen your knowledge and go much beyond even the European sphere".

Silvia Bartolini, assistant to an Italian member.

It's a very bizarre work, no private life nearly and is very intensive with very long working hours. It's like a "fabrika". (what Polish people call a place you never leave and which determines your private life- ed).

Anonymous Polish assistant

"You spend so much time together, more than with my fiancé's like a personal relationship, either it works or it does not".

Cezary Koczerga, assistant to a Polish member.

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Anonymous said...

I don't speak Polish but surely fabrika means factory