Monday, April 23, 2007

Cry God for England, Harry and St George

I pinged the following message out this evening to all those in the Strasbourg bubble
Ladies and Gentlemen of England, and of those of course who wish her well.

May I take this opportunity on our Saint's day to wish you all good cheer, health and happiness.

In the light of the lack of any serious, structured or organised event commemorating this day can I suggest a frivolous one?

Let us meet up after dinner - whenever that shall be be in the Gayot, and quaff a couple of ales.

(This invitation is also of course of special relevance to other countries, the representatives of which we will be honoured to welcome - Greeks, Bulgarians, Portuguese, Palestinians, Lebanese, Calabrian's, Arogonese, Georgian's, Genoese, Catalans and of course anybody who was a scout).

Yours in friendship,

I wonder if anyone will turn up?


Mrs T. said...

listen sweetie if you end up drinking alone again try not to take it personally this time? It's just not everyone understand you.
It's St Georges day for me and you and you and you and you, fancy a pint?

Jamie Starbuck said...

Whisky all round I feel.

JolietJake said...

I doubt if the Bulgarians will turn up, or the Lebanese. What about inviting the bloody commonwealth? They turned up in 1942

Elaib said...

I will admit that there wasn't much of a turnout. But loyal to the last a few MEPs and chums did sterling work making up for absent friends.