Thursday, March 08, 2007

Who said that?

“I do not believe in the doctrine of a minimalist state. I do not believe in the doctrine of laissez-faire. I do not believe that in France the State should be reduced to a secondary role… I do not think the nation can continue to exist without a strong State…If Europe and globalisation are synonymous with dumping and unfair competition for too long and on too big a scale, there will soon be no more Europe…"

Segolene Royal? No, Nicholas Sarkozy on Tuesday night.


Anonymous said...


I am surprised that you should think this noteworthy. French politics is and has always been based on a combination of nationalism, statism, and socialism. Take any pair out of those three and you get a fair reflection of the priorities of each of the major candidates(Sarkozy, Royal, and Le Pen) in this election period.

Sarkozy: nationalism and statism
Royal: socialism and statism
Le Pen: nationalism and socialism

Helen over at EuReferendum has a good piece about the illiberalism of M. Sarkozy

Anonymous said...

and of course I forgot to sign my comment above!


Elaib said...

True, true but it does bear repeating every now and then