Monday, March 12, 2007

No hostile intent

Following up my post,"Now look what you have done Dave" comes the news that Dave's Czech allies are desperately trying to dig themselves out of a hole.
Reported in today's Lidove Noviny,
"The European People's Party wants to expel the Bulgarian Union of Democratic Forces for joining the Movement for European Reform (MER) formed by ODS and the British Conservative Party. According to EPP President MARTENS, the Bulgarian party's membership in both groups violates EPP statutes. The Conservatives' Peter WILDING said MER is a philosophical platform, not a political party, and does not interfere with EPP. Czech MEP ZAHRADIL (EPP-ED, ODS) said ODS leader TOPOLÁNEK will meet with or write to MARTENS to explain that MER has no hostile intent. TOPOLÁNEK and Tory leader David CAMERON confirmed at a conference last week that their parties will form a new EP group after the next EP elections in 2009".

(European Parliament news service summary).

Well for one thing, Mr Wilding's description of the MER as a philosophical platform is a debasement of the language. Philosophy requires a love of knowledge, not the current Tory platform of bandwagonism that is aptly, if rudely, described by the Devil' Kitchen thus,
"What the fuck are these bastards playing at? Are they mad? Is Cameron so blind to dissent that he did not see Channel 4's programme (I've provided a link, Dave, so you can watch it online. Oh, and should you actually be reading this, your pathetic lack of intellectual rigour is a disgrace to The Old Coll, you fuckwit).

The thing is that this "green" effort is central to Dave's policy platform; it informs everything that he has proposed. He has proposed taxes "green" taxes on cars and on flights; he has proposed that more of our policy be governed by the EU, and now the fucker has started banging on about his "3G Europe": global warming, global poverty and globalisation. In every single case he has chosen precisely the wrong stand on each issue.

Dave acknowledges that it is trade—global trade, globalisation, whatever you want to call it—that will help to enrich the Developing World, and then proposes more involvement with the EU, a customs union whose barriers, tariffs, subsidies and quotas are designed to undermine and destroy the trading opportunities of those very countries that Dave emotes about.

Dave also wants to engage the EU, an organisation with one of the most abysmal environmental track record, to help tackle climate change in order to solve a problem that doesn't exist via a method that will make sod all difference. The man is a total fuckwit, as are his advisors".

Then for Topolanek to describe the putative creation of a new political group in the new parliament as something lacking in "hostile intent", is purely laughable. Either it is was it says, thus it is hostile, or it is a smokescreen to encourage euro-realists to stay on board, then it isn't. If the PM of the Czech Republic is saying the latter then I suspect that Dave is, as normal, economical with the truth.

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