Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Live human sacrifice, or Tory logic on climate change

In a splendid ripost to Zak Goldsmith's article in today's Telegraph on commentator, Michael McGowan, has posted this,
"the Aztecs believed that without regular blood sacrifices to the Sun God, the sun would not rise again. So following your logic, had David Cameron and Zac Goldsmith been running for office in Mexico in 1520, they should have proposed even more human sacrifice so as to "engage with this very large group of people?" Knowing them, I am sure that they would have done.

Has it ever crossed your mind that politicians might offer us some leadership rather than just pandering to the hysteria of the left?"

This was in answer to the suggestion that the Tories should trumpet Green Taxes because it would be popular, not becauise it would be right.

Goldsmith is championing Sir Nicholas Stern, now advisor to the EU on climate change, lord help us,
"Nicholas Stern calculated in his report last year that there will be more than 200 million refugees by 2050 because of sea-level rise alone".

"Stern described climate change as a catastrophic market failure. The market is blind to the value of the environment; but the market is a powerful force for change, and the challenge is to price the environment into our accounting system so that pollution becomes a liability, not an externality".

Well apart from the fact that Sir Nicholas' report has been comprehensively trashed by Lord Lawson amongst others, as Timmy says, even if you go with ´Stern, you have to therefore accept his conclusions on taxation, which our Zak fails to do.

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