Monday, March 19, 2007

Here is one I missed earlier

I have just noticed,(yes yes my eye was off the ball) that on the 6th March Presidente Barosso launched what he calls his 'Advisory Group'. This bunch of types will be telling him what to do on environmental issues, and who do we find as the British representative? Yup, Sir Nicholas Stern.

The Stern Review was succinctly summed up (via the Devil) in the October/December edition of World Economics thus,
We conclude that the Stern Review is biased and alarmist in its reading of the science. These and other related problems arise because the Review has relied for advice almost exclusively on a small number ofpeople and organizations that have a long history of unbalanced alarmism on the global warming issue. Most of the research cited by the Review does not, on inspection, make a convincing case that greenhouse warming constitutes a major threat that justifies an immediate and radical policy response. Contrary research is consistently ignored, as are basic observational facts showing that alarm is unwarranted. The Review fails to present an accurate picture of scientific understanding of climate change issues, and will reinforce ill-informed alarm about climate change among the general public, the bureaucracy and the body politic. HM Government will need to look elsewhere for a balanced, impartial and authoritative review of the current climate change debate.—
Robert M. Carter et al., World Economics, October-December 2006

the other members of the Group and their CVs can be found here.

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