Saturday, March 03, 2007

Green dictatorship, a vision of a Tory future

The summary sacking of Councillor Peter Geiringer from his rôle as deputy leader of Sutton’s Conservative group sends a shiver down my spine. His crime?

Cllr Geiringer fails to recycle.

According to the group leader Cllr Eleanor Pinfold,
"Peter has accepted he made a mistake on this and that recycling is a major issue in this borough. He is an excellent local councillor and has served the community well for the last 26 years and will continue to serve his residents in Belmont Ward with the same dedication as he has always done”.
This man has been a Councillor for 26 years, and he is being hung up to dry by a party that seems to have completely forgotten its former belief in freedom. Councillor Pinfold was first elected in 2002.
For that matter, they don’t seem to have changed their website yet.

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