Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Excellent kit

Whilst the MOD wastes its time trying to buy kit to fight wars on the European central plain, in order to prop up the failing European Defence Model. The US is investing in what might be called very useful stuff.
It transpires that the US Navy has a project where they invite small manufacturers to come up with stuff that might be useful in the field called the Navy's 07 Opportunity Forum. One firm , Invocon has, it appears, developed a Star Wars style stun gun, which they claim can work through walls.
This is the sort of kit that could make a massive difference in the whole 'hearts and minds' offensive in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The companies sales puff includes this,
"The benefits of such a weapon would be that in areas of extreme risk to Marine Corps personnel, hostiles could be controlled without loss of life. The weapon effect would be helpful in urban combat where rooms could be subjected to the EPIC stimulus and then subdued without further risk to friendlies or hostiles. Similar technology could be applied to law enforcement operations especially in hostage situations where all the people in a room could be incapacitated without damage and subsequently sorted out as to which are the bad guys and which are the good guys".

Oh yes, and the Met could replace its firearms squads, thus not shooting Brazillians on the Tube.
Put it this way, a damned sight better than the RFiD cloud idea that has been giving me sleepless nights.
Hat tip to My Vast Right Wing Consipracy

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