Saturday, March 03, 2007

Even the blind can see no discrimination in UKIP

Here is some proof that there is no discrimination in UKIp. Despite the claims of the slighly odd chap Jack Biggs down in Dorset.

Gerald Price, a blind man who is standing for the party in Manchester has published a statement about how the party has treated him over the years.
"It is nonsense to say UKIP discriminate against disabled people. They have given me all the support and help I have ever needed and when I last stood in the council election I took 13.9% of the vote, top in our group in the area,"

As an aside, the more we learn about Mr Biggs he odder he seems to be. Making threats associated with his "special forces" background was one thing. But from reading the emails it appears that his disabilty gets less and less, as he decides he wants to blackmail the party.
Which suggests to me that not only is he a nasty peice of work, but also that he is lazy. He wanted to stand for the party, but wanted to get other peple to do the work. It does not work like that in the big parties, let alone a timny volunteer operation like UKIP.
Better still, now we learn from Trixy that when he previously stood for election as an Independent, he changed his name to 'Wat Tyler'.

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Not the Gerald Price - UKIP hypocrite?