Tuesday, February 06, 2007

UKIP strategy draws blood

It does seem to appear that UKIP really do seem to have rattled the Tories. Today we have the marvellous news that the Tories are abandoning their support for ID cards, a UKIP policy for the past few years, which can only be a good thing.

Then in the aftermath of a blaze of publicity for the slow re-branding of UKIP into the Independence Party, we find Edward Leigh of the Cornerstone (unkindly nicknamed Tombstone) Group firing both barrels at the Cameronian vacuum. Though of course to save his blushes he repeats the transparent lie that UKIP are a 'single issue' party. Well I suppose he is right if a simngle issue is the issue of Independence, and all that that entails. Add this to Tim ‘Con Home’ Montgomrie’s rallying cry for UKIP in the Times last week and a picture emerges.

They are in the words of the Baroness, “Frit”.

For pity’s sake, Labour are in meltdown and the Tories are running scared of UKIP!


Mike Wood said...

Meanwhile UKIP's new party name seems to have lasted about as long as one of Chad Noble's parties. Very Social and Liberal Democratic Party

Anonymous said...

My own view is this. Why when conservative and UKIP as a base premise have things they could agree on, are they breaking and and splitting the vote.

This divide and conquer aspect leaves both weaker than if they were united.
I watched the video and Farage and Dan Hannan were on the same side - which is basically where they should be!

I wish the conservatives would simply work with UKIP, and that UKIP would focus on attacking the more meaty targets of labour and pro euro units.

All across Europe, the people who do not share the 'euro' dream spend excessive amounts of energy, resource, finance, time and effort squabbling and fighting each other, while fundamentally not providing solid and worthwhile opposition to the federalists.

Long Term, UKIP and conservatives not being able to work together simply means those who oppose them can rub their hands with Glee.

I dispair at the shambolic efforts in the face of euro federalism.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Mike, as far as I understand what he meant to say is the anti-social and Liberal Democratic Party

Up to a point Lord Copper. And I am glad you got a format that worked for you.
The problem is , of course, that UKIP have a sea green incorruptable, 'irreducable core' approach to the EU issue, which shared by a number of Tories, who if they support the Better Off Out campaign of the Freedom Association. These people will not be attacked by UKIP, indeed they will no doubt get UKIP's active support.
That being said UKIP is happy to work with the Tories and No2ID, happy to work with those Tories that belive in a high choice low tax society. It's just that that brand of conservatism is not at the top of Dave's agenda.