Monday, February 05, 2007

New scam letter

From: Lady Peggy Morrison,
4 Old Church Street,
Chelsea, SW3, England.

Here writes Lady Peggy Morrison, suffering from cancerous ailment. I am married to
Engineer Richard Morrison an Englishman who is dead. He was into private practice all his life before his death. Before his death, he deposited the sum of 20Million ( 20Million Great Britain Pounds Sterling) which was derived from his vast estates and investment in capital market with his bank here in UK. I have decided to donate this fund to you and want you to use this gift which comes from my husbands effort to fund the upkeep of widows, widowers, rphans, destitute etc.

Awaits your reply.

Lady Peggy Morrison.
4 Old Church Street,
Chelsea, SW3, England.

Not one I had seen before, and I do like the Danish email address from Chelsea.

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