Sunday, January 14, 2007

This could be fun...

This realy could scare the pants off Davey boy Cameron and his chums back at CCO. Reported by the Devilover in his kitchen .

Now if Stuart Wheeler really is having the thoughts he is sugesting here, and if others are like him then we could be living in very interesting times in the United Kingdom.

Now given what Cameron and his Chief Whip are saying about those who talk to and deal with UKIP will find themselves in the Conservative Party version of Siberia. (Where do you think that might be? North of Whitby?)
What will Lord Marland of Odstock's response be to this?


Tippler said...

Loved this quote:

"He [Cameron] doesn't understand Europe. His focus groups tell him people aren't interested in it. Vision doesn't come from focus groups. Cameron is too respectful of people like Kenneth Clarke. Clarke's a nice man but he's completely bonkers on this one."

Clarke is indeed a nice man. But, then again, he is barking mad enough to have attempted to chat up my then-girlfriend (a vegan, non-smoking, Tory-hating hippy) at a Parliamentary Beer Club dinner some years ago.

I tried to warn him. I think.

Elaib said...

How thick were his goggles at the time?

Tippler said...

Think 'washing-machine doors'...