Monday, December 04, 2006

Classic Eurospeak

The European Parlament has put out a press release referring to a two day waffle fest on the future of Europe. And its headline is a classic of its kind. I give you

MEPs and MPs on conflict prevention: yes to more Europe, but what priorities?

This is just a superb example of the meaningless stuff produced here. So what are they saying here?
Well firstly they have agreed that there is of course only one answer to the problems besetting the world and of course they, (the European elite as they self define it) are the only ones qualified to do the job.

But of course they haven't the faintest idea what they propose doing. Thus the citizens are to be thankfull that the elite are doing something, and it is essentially unrequired to know precisely what.

What is important, is that,
"We should be more consistent, coherent, and comprehensive" says one. About what exactly? The suspicion is that this is about rejecting different world views other than "More Europe".

Things on which there was a level of consensus include a single EU seat at the UN - which of course would mean that dissenting voices other than "more Europe" could not be legitimately heard in that forum. Other agrements reached were,
"Wide support emerged for the foreign relations aspects of the Constitutional Treaty, as participants called for the establishment of a European Foreign Minister post, an EU diplomatic corps and the relaxation of unanimity voting in the Council. Ms Beer argued for the inclusion of civil society actors in conflict prevention actions, saying that "working with NGOs is crucial." All involved favoured greater parliamentary scrutiny of foreign and military actions, both on national and on EU level.

This is of course notwithstanding that the Constitutional Treaty was rejected by two founding members states and is thus according to its own lights defunct. Not only that but can they not see the idea of allowing Oxfam veto rights over foreign and defence policy is the most anti-democratic idea they could have come up with. Letting any bunch of self appointed moral guardians into any rle such as this is fraught with awfulness of the worst kind. Of course this is all rounded of with the thought that they, the Euro MPs should have a significant role in these matters.

Beautifully it seems that they cannot even see the internal irony in their self belief,
"One idea, however, did gain wide acceptance. "All conflicts in the world come from previous unresolved conflicts," said Miomir Zuzul (Croatia), "so the key word is reconciliation." Participants broadly agreed, also noting that in this regard, the EU was very well-placed to serve as a model. "The EU itself is an example of successful politics of conflict prevention," said Ms Beer.

No my dears they key here is victory. For without closure and victory no reconcilliation can ever take place, as the example of Western Europe shows. If you then relinquish your grasp on that victory and the morality that underpinned it, then yes one is doomed to further conflicts.

What we have here is a collection of banal, anodyne, meaningless and arrogant statements from a similar group of people.

A futher irony is that this c omes on a day that even the UK government has had the balls to oppose the loss of yet another veto. This time on Justice matters. OK, only after a significant campaign in the press led by UKIP and the Freedom Association,m and also hiding behind the coattails of Ieland but I guess we should be grateful for small mercies,

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