Thursday, November 02, 2006

What is the technical term for this, Oh yes Balls

Ed Balls, second in command at the British Treasury, said opposition leader David Cameron is the Conservative Party's most `anti-European' leader ever,


Lets look at this with a historical perspective.
Micheal Howard - more scep
Iain Duncan Smith
William Hague
Margaret Thatcher
Winston Churchill
Bonar Law
Castlereagh (Edit: OK, so he was the leader of the House)
Pitt (plural)

and that is just for starters

Where does the Labour party get these people?



mj_wood said...

I don't think that Castlereagh ever led the Conservative Party.
He was leader of the House of Commons if that counts

Elaib said...

Fair point, I guess that should be Liverpool, could include Addington and Perceval. Palmertone, though very sound and a Tory, was a Liberal so that doesn't count

Aunty Marianne said...

Didn't Canning shoot Castlereagh in the arse? Same views about Europe, but just couldn't get along otherwise.

Isn't that just typically Eurosceptic.


Mike Wood said...

Palmerston was elected as a Tory and served in Tory and Whig governments before becoming Prime Minister.
I think that it was Castlereagh who shot Canning. Canning didn't know which end of a pistol was which and missed.
I always thought that Canning was a bit wishy-washy on Europe. He didn't even want to send troops into Belgium. Typical Foreign Office!