Sunday, November 05, 2006

Wellmaybe they aren't all mad

It appears that Tom Cracknell has no interest in promotion.
In a blistering atackon Home Office policy and the cowardice of the legal establishment the Hull he has complained about the way frign criminals ae let out and rather than dported are allowed to roam our streets to commit crime again.
It's not as if we don't have enough of our own criminlas to worry about. He was commenting as he sentenced Caliph Ali Asmar for a second offence of stabbing.

"Judge Tom Cracknell, sitting at Hull Crown Court, labelled Asmar a "dangerous man" who might never be suitable for release from prison.He said: "Asmar was sentenced to custody in March 2005 and sentenced to two years' imprisonment."The judge recommended his deportation and these orders for deportation are not made lightly. That recommendation was either dismissed or ignored."Whether it was a sin of omission or commission I do not know."The fact of the matter is that within five months of his release he committed this murderous attack."It is very worrying he was not deported. It beggars belief."He recommended Asmar be deported if he is ever released.Judge Cracknell sentenced Asmar under the Dangerous Offenders Act, setting a four year minimum term to be served in jail before he can be assessed for release."

Now can Lord Philips please tell me what is womg with this statement?

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