Sunday, November 05, 2006

Shouldn't we just leave them on mountainsides?

Doctors: let us kill disabled babies


Mike Wood said...

I'd always thought that euthanasia involved someone choosing to die. Surely, when you choose that someone else should die, it is called something rather different.

Aunty Marianne said...

I've seen someone, a medic, make that choice, to let a child born badly disabled die. She chose to do it to save the opportunities of its siblings, who, due to medical bills that would have occured, would not have benefited from education they would otherwise have had. (This was West Africa).

It was the most noble thing I've ever seen anyone do. She cried for days. I honour and admire her for taking the hard decision, and the responsibility, when the chips were down. And I hope that in the same circumstances I would be just like her.

quarsan said...

wouldn't it be better if we simply fed them to the poor instead?

Louis Spielman said...

How our age declines: from the oath of Hipoccrates to the oath of Mengele.