Saturday, November 04, 2006

Off to the races

Just off to Montpellier, home of James Madison, for a taste of Southern hospitality.

I may be some time


Couple of thoughts about a day in the country. The whole event was organised bythe Montepellier hunt. As traditional a crowd as you are likely to meet. But there are a few key differences. For a point-to-point it was massive, upwards of 25,000 spectators and followers. The track was far more a course than a thrown togeter point to point course in England. The prize money ws vast in comparison. One race had a purse of $35,000.

They banned dogs from the course. "Because they might frighten the horses".
Now correect me if I am wong but the horses at a point to point hunt, thus they are hardly going to be afraid of dogs.
That being said, its not as if they carried out the ban. Everybody from the good ole' boy who sold us entrance tickets to the sheriff and the police on swishy quad bikes to the saddled horsemen told us about the ban, none enforced it.

Southern hospitality, tailgate style, seems to equate to bourbon, cigars, stew and invitations to kill things.

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EuroWatch said...

You certainly captured the spirit of "Southern hospitality". I linked to you on my site and coupled that with this weekend's article from the Guardian re fox huntings revival.