Saturday, November 18, 2006

I like the cut of his jib

The response to Viscount Monckton's piece in the Telegraph was astonishing. At 77 pages of pdf I have only got as far as page 15 and I have learnt more abouit the fallicies in the climate change consensus than I ever thought possible. But for all the solid science my favourite email exchange has to be this,
"Dear Christopher Monckton, - Delighted by your article in the Sunday Telegraph - couldn't be more timely. But where do your units of radiation intensity in the Stefan-Boltzmann Law come from? Shouldn't these be simply watts per square metre per degree absolute? The extra per second seems wrong. Watts is already energy per second. Or am I missing a point? Yours sincerely, - BR

Dear Mr. R - Many thanks for your kind comments. If I remember rightly, the official designation is "watts per square metre per second". Frankly, it would be so much easier if the French Revolution had not happened, in which event we'd be using fathoms, feet, inches,
firkins, pints and gallons, and we'd all know where we were! Fortunately the designation doesn't alter the calculations. - Monckton of Brenchley

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