Sunday, November 19, 2006

At last a way to stop Islamofascism, war earthquakes and President George W Bush

The Global Orgasm is obviously the way,

The idea seems to be if countless millions are reaching a state of sexual extacsy simultaneously on Friday 22nd of December then world peace will break out, Bush will indeed discover that Osama is quite a cute fellow after all, and that nasty fellow Ahmedinijad in Tehran will discover that the Isrealis are utter sweethearts.
For pity's sake they even have a page pretending to prove the science -hosted I fear at Princeton!!

There again that's my next chat up line sorted.

"Hey darling, do you want to save the world from a descent in war disease and disaster?"
"Of course you do. Then just hop over here and lets shag"


Anonymous said...

Sexual cargo cultism.

Pimp Daddy said...

The real questions are; If the entire world would partake in the global G-spot event;

1. Who’s going to watch the kids?
2. Won’t this cause a shortage of Astro-glide, KY, etc and drive up the cost of oil?
3. Who’s going to clean up the mess and what kind of environmental safeguards have been considered?
4. Aren’t the landfills already full of discarded condoms? Again, what kind of environmental safeguards have been considered?
5. Isn’t this just a thinly veiled corporate plot to boost the sales of Viagra?
6. Who’s going to watch the kids in September 2007?

JimmyC1964 said...

What I'm wondering is, what happens if it all cums apart, and all we get is whirled peas?

Aunty Marianne said...

Decent. Descent.

Apt, I thought.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Wonder what Laura's doing that day...

Aunty Marianne said...

Yes. Do we get an assigned partner, if we don't come, as it were, with our own?

And has George Clooney been assigned yet?

Anonymous said...

Dunno. But according to Zoe, I've got Johnny Depp...

Anonymous said...

Who is going to clean up the, um, aftermath of this event? Perhaps some of the more comely ladies of the leftist movement would be willing to "swallow for world peace"?

Mrs T said...

chat up line, what chat up line, why do YOU need chat up lines???!!!!!

be afraid be very afraid

LizardAbroad said...

How am I supposed to reach orgasm if the US doesn't attack Iran?