Thursday, October 19, 2006

This just has be a bad joke

The magazine People Management has revealed that Home Office staff recieved moe than £18 million in performance related bonuses.

I would love to see the sliding scale for that.

£5,000 for every foriegn prisoner released into the community and lost
£500 for every passport application lost
£100,000 for allowing an IT contract to spin out of control

"Home Office minister Liam Byrne confirmed the amount this week, insisting that the bonuses were given as "prompt and tangible recognition for outstanding achievement".

He also explained that the Home Office was suffering from increasing absence costs. An average of 9.1 working days per person were lost last year at a cost of £25.6 million, compared with 6.7, costing £11.8 million, six years ago".

From what I understand Mr Byrne is in line for the biggest single bonus of them all as he is the Immigration minister, and truely,can you think of a bigger fuck up in Government than our current imigration policy?


Anonymous said...

Wembley, maybe. But I suppose that doesn't count. So I'm sitting back and waiting for the fiasco that will be the Olympics.

Voyager said...

Home Office minister Liam Byrne MBA gets his biggest bonus from his former company which was set up to sell eGovt solutions to Govt and does to the Home Office whatever that is !

Then again his colleague McNulty has his wife as Head of Ofsted