Sunday, October 15, 2006

I agree, but for a different reason

Kelly faces resignation calls was the headline I read, and I thought about time. However it was not for the reason flagged up here I wanted to see the back of her. It appears that the Observer has launched into the embatled minister because she believes faith based schools and charities should not be forced to go against their belefs when it comes to the proviosn of services to people they regard as beyond the pale.
Thus, under her rules Church charities need not employ homosexuals and so on, nor must christian or other old age people's homes take in those that they fel would upset the ethos of the instiution. Well n that one I agree with her. It's all about tolerance, and, as I keep saying tolerance is about allowing people to do stuff that you don't agree with. It is not the place of the state to interfere in this sort of thing.

However I was hoping that the calls for er resignation would be about her lies and exagerations over the whole school meals fiasco. According to the Telegraph, in a desperate bid to climb aboard the Sainted Jamies food crusade she promised £280 million to a campaign to improve school meals just before the election. It transpires that £45 million of this money was supposed to come from the Lottery. Apart from the thought that the Lottery should never be used toprop government programs, she had not cleared her promise with the Lotteries Committe, thus the mney did not, and will not apear.

This is deliberate eciet and should, in a non-naughty world be a resignation offence.

Of course hell will freeze over and the middle classes will get off their prescriptive high horses before that hapens but I can always hope.

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