Thursday, October 05, 2006

Goof Hoon stonewalls Ludford

The ineffably awful Baroness Ludford, a lib-dem London MEP today was feeling very pleased with herself. She had brought a bunch of MEPs with her to London to demand answers fropm HMG about London's involvement in the CIA rendition flights.

All was going swimmingly until the meeting this afternoon with the Europe Minister 'Buff' Hoon. Indeed it started very well indeed when the name sticker on his breast was mispelt, Goeff Hoon, (in Dutch pronounced Goof).

However, she was spiked when a well briefed Hoon just reffered to this article in yesterday's FT and claimed that she had a closed mind.
The numbnuts had said,
"We want to find out more about UK co-operation or complicity in the unlawful act of rendition. Terrorist suspects should be subject to a proper trial and criminal prosecution under existing European laws. They should not be dealt with in a grey legal zone,"
This of course allowed Hoon to discount her and all her queries as the dribblings of a closed mind. Ludford was left impotently gaping as no information came from the MInister.
Well briefed and well done.


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