Saturday, September 23, 2006

Anyhow, Top Gear to remain on air

In a rather funy and moving piece Clarkson writes about that crash, andits aftermath.

"You can never tell after a brain injury what long-term implications there might be. He might have no sense of taste, or double vision. His teeth may go brown. Or he may be absolutely fine.
The only thing I knew was this: he was going to live.
And the next day after he said, “Hello C**kface” to James May, it looked like he might just win back everything else as well.
You’d think that the joyous news would silence the vultures circling the crash site since the accident, rejoicing in the fact that Top Gear had finally been taught its lesson that speed kills.
Somehow I doubt it though. The campaign to have us taken off the air — sparked curiously, by the BBC’s own news website — will now be ramped up, fuelled by the environmentalists and spearheaded by muddle-headed road safety campaigners.
Richard is winning his fight. And now mine begins. To make sure that he has a show to come back to."

And so say all of us, Excellent article, read the whole thing.


Death Bredon said...

I am suprised the Vichy Brussel's didn't ban the show, or force Clarkson and Co to ride tricycles only (with EU-reg saftey helmets of course).

Elaib said...

Sadly I see that the Beeb are 'postponing' the new seris until Mr Hammond is 'fully recovered'. Well given after a crash like that it is unlikely he willever be 'fully recovered' then we might have seen our last.How bloody convienient.

Anonymous said...

In an amazing act of prescience I once had a similar accident at the very same airfield (Elvington, near York).

I was pissed and fell off my bike.

They didn't even cancel my bar tab, let alone anything else.

Double standards, if you ask me...