Thursday, May 11, 2006

Don't worry boys France has discovered the solution to the people's distrust of the European Union


Today's press release from the Quai D'Orsay is marvellous. It appear that Mme Catherine Colonna, the poor benighted booby who glories under the title of Minister for European Affairs (which rather suits the buffHoon - about which more later) , has launched her campaign to turn around public opinion.

Tomorrow, just under the Montparnasse Tower there will be co sponsored by the Minister and Yves-Thibault de Silguy, now head of international and institutional affairs at Suez and former European Commissioner in charge of Economic affairs a Euro roller parade. For those especially keen you will be able to pick up free t-shirts and so emblazoned with ''Fête l'Europe''.

Hurrah, I feel so much better now.

Oh yes and for those interested that firm, Suez is the French utilities giant that was threatened with take over by the Italian firm Enel which, along with Danone, kicked off the whole round of illegal protectionism otherwise known as “economic patriotism” a couple of months ago. Glad to see that they have now paid back their debt to Europe for not blocking the French government deal.

As a French colleague points out,
“Whereas French political authorities are in a terrific disaster after the "no" of 29 May 2005, two waves of riots, the failure of the government about the "CPE", today the scandal Clearstream and probably the next fallen of the Prime minister, this is the Minister for Foreign Affairs who invites everybody Friday in Paris to a... European Roller Parade.”

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Nicolas said...

Un peu de pitié... On y est pour rien.

Sauf qu'on vote.