Sunday, April 23, 2006

Roll up, sign up.

The People's Petition has been created to allow ordinary people to register their support for those scientists who work to prevent disease. Their jobs sometimes involve experimentation on animals. They are currently under a great deal of threat. Indeed, until the London tube bombings it was felt that the greatest risk of terrorist sctivity in the UK was caused by the hard core animal rights lobby.

So if you believe that these brave men and women who are working for humanity should have the right to do so, then sign up.

Hat tip
The Englishman



I do not think that a grown man inflicting an agony of pain upon a guinea pig,hamster,rabbit,dog , cat or monkey,is either very commendable or brave,and the animal victim certainly derives no benefit from such abuses,we seem to have a very peculiar attitude toward animals these days,we can emotionally bleed to death over a stranded whale,whilst torturing a guinea pig,we can outlaw veal crates while allowing muslims to subject cattle and sheep to all the horrors of bleeding to death,and the stance of the RSPCA is unmittigated appeasement ,sheltering behind the abomidable law that allows this cruelty,no these are not brave men and women , thier interest is purely financial ,and ego-centric, not altruism ,these are pitifull creatures without integrity,or the courage to test thier drugs themselves,animal torture is no guarantee of a drugs efficacy ,we need only remember thalidomide.

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