Saturday, April 08, 2006


From The IHT via No Pasaran.
In a classic example of the ignorance of the intellectual, and its habitual ill-informed socialism, so deftly skewered by Hayek, we have the case of one Danielle Scache, a high school teacher has rejigged her economics lessions by substituting the word "capitalism" for the less loaded "market economy".
Having worked for the French national champion and strategic interest Danone for a couple of months on an internship she was shocked to discover,

"I was surprised to see that people actually enjoyed working in a company," said Scache, who is 59. "Some of them were more enthusiastic than many teachers I know."

"You know," she confided with a laugh, "in France we often think of companies, especially multinationals, as a place of constant conflict between employees and management."

The results of this incomprehension of the real world are there to be seen by everybody as Paris continues to be paralysed by thousands of students whose teachers themselves have failed to teach them anything other than failed socialist nostrums.

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