Monday, February 06, 2006

Third European Ecumenical Assembly Reveals Enthusiasm for Collaboration

At a time like this, a headline like that. It seems that a bunch of pamjandrums of the church suplicant has been meeting in Rome to consider being nice to everyone. And the Church news agency came up with that headline. Quite.
So what useful did they come up with, after all this is a latter day Synod of Whitby, Chritianity is in crisis and our leaders tell us what exactly?
It seems it started well, unusually for such a meeting they bothered to mentin Christ so it was titled “The light of Christ shines upon all – Hope for renewal and unity in Europe”.
Obviosul;y looking for a plan, or action to produce such a thing is asking to much, but Hope, ah, yes one of the main virtues, and biggest excuses around.

"Hey Jimmy, are you going to pass your exams?"
"Well I did no work, bunked off and got drunk alot, but I hope so"

So what did they do, they wrote a letter to the Christians of Europe.
"On the last day of the launch gathering for EEA3, the 150 ecumenical delegates approved the text of a “Letter to the Christians of Europe”, which stated: “Having committed ourselves to a common journey we have sought to build mutual trust and understanding by working and praying together.

“We have also endeavoured to foster a spirituality that is rooted in God’s Word. Through prayer and action, we hope to engender renewed enthusiasm for our ecumenical journey. We have been encouraged to turn to the one God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – who is the source of communion/koinonia and love… Let us join together on this journey!”"

I am terribly sorry, but the time has come for the church confident, the church militant, no longer can we sit in the world of the church 'terribly friendly' or the church 'awfully nice of you and would you like some tea'.
Everything that Christianity fights for on a personal, spiritual and universal level is under assault as it hasn't been since the Battle of Tours is under threat and what do they do about it. Witter!

I would like to add this piece of evidence to my case. The same website Chritian today, has an oblique reference to the biggest religious disturbances in Europe for decades - yes the cartoon case. But is describes it thus,
"Calls for Distinction between Religious Hatred & Blasphemy Following Riots".

Ok it seems they are at least dealing with the issue, but no, the headline decieves. execution of David Hare.
Here we go,
"True freedom of speech does give people the right to speak as they wish but that right comes with responsibility. With freedom of expression comes the responsibility to build peace and harmony. In the final analysis, the litmus test of whether something should be stated is this: is it true, is it helpful?”Is it true, what that Jihadists and Salafists use the holy word of the Koran (Qua'ran) to excuse ghastly behaviour such as beheadings, deliberate killing of hunmanitarian worlkers, mass murder? Yes it is true.
Please somebody tell e when that was last true of Chritianity or Judaisim.

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