Monday, February 06, 2006

It was the Jews what dun it

Have you noticed that the name Flemming Rose – the ‘cultural editor’ of Jyllands-Posten, yup the guy who commissioned the fateful cartoons is not only a Jew – but a Zionist and a man with “clear ties to the Zionist Neo-Cons behind the "war on terror."”. Nope? Nor had I. But wait a minute, surely Rose is a shortening of Rosencrantz that famous Danish Jew, so famous indeed that Shakespeare himself wrote about him. And Flemming? Well that is a dead give away. There are thousands of Jews in Antwerp, capital of usury and the blood diamond trade.

What more evidence do you need? None of course. If the most important part of your life is to blame global everything on the evil Jewish conspiracy which is trying to dominate the world through its multifarious plots.

Of course Mr Rose is not a practicising jew (he must be the plotting kind) if he is jewish at all, indeed as far as I can see he is a Scandic hippy who indulges in some sort of new age meditation practice. (Ah but you can never tell how deep these yiddish types will hide their baby eating habits). After all didn't the Danish king proclaim himself a dhimmi, by wearing that great symbol of Judaism the yellow star, and I am sure that most western media thought that he was Christian?

Just to see how barking this lot are, please peruse ,
"Detroux 'believed to be in charge of Israeli organized crime's child trafficking in western Europe'"


Elaib said...

Would you prefer, "Anti semtic bastards?"

Sophocles99 said...

While the conspiracy theory is clearly inflammatory nonsense, in the present climate it is also unhelpful to use such divisive phrases as 'to see how barking this lot are'.