Thursday, January 19, 2006

More arrogance

Andrew Duff yesterday, "I must say that I find it fairly curious in this context that the Presidents of the Austrian, Finnish and German Parliaments seem somewhat reluctant to cooperate with us. It is up to the parliaments to decide whether or not they turn up. Those who choose to turn up will have a decisive say in fashioning the decisions about the future of Europe."

Again, what is he saying? There is no reluctance on the part of those Parliament's merely a desire to have their concerns addressed. Nobody could say that the Austrian Parliament, a Parliament that voted 182 - 1 in favour of the Constitution is eurosceptic, but they do feel they should be listened to. Instead he is saying quite bluntly, "If you are not with us you will be ignored". Does he not realise that is precisly the arrogance and 'head in sand' attitudes of people like him that have caused support for the European project to tumble in almost every single one of the EU 25 countries according to the December Eurobaromtre poll?

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