Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mirror slates ID cards - Maybe my tenner is safe

It seems that the governments attempt to brand us all with their silly plastic and chip device may be coming unstuck. The LSE has produced a report that suggests that the unwanted objects will cost us the miserly sum of £500 per head. Cheap to guarantee you an identity you have had for free since birth.
According to the pollsters support for the blasted tags drops of to almost minimal when the cost rises over £100.
Worse, the left leaning academic institution even calls for the Home Secrettary's head over the case.
Dr Edgar Whitley of the LSE said: "We have been surprised at how little consistent or reliable information exists about the Government's proposals. Claims are routinely made for the scheme - and then just as quickly are abandoned or contradicted." His colleague professor Ian Angell said: "We don't know what to believe any more. Contradictions, guesswork and wishful thinking on the part of the Home Office make a mockery of any pretence that this scheme is based on serious reasoning." The report says the financial arrangements for bringing in the cards - which could cost everyone in Britain £500 - are "almost entirely secret". And it adds: "We are mystified as to why no Government department has signed up to the scheme or published material on costs and benefits.



dearieme said...

500 GBP per annum poll tax? Well, well.

Stif Rossics said...

What's wrong with ID cards? It will certainly put a stop to all the soap dodging Gippo dole scroungers and shifty foreign hit men that currently roam our green and pleasant land in rusty Ladas.
I'm all for it.

Aunty Marianne said...

Dearieme - not per annum, and nothing to do with poll tax. I'm with stif rossics.

Elaib said...

In the imomrtal words of 'middle England', Oh come off it.
Those Gippo scroungers you mention will still be gippos and still scrounge, with or without ID cards, but like so much if the ill advised rules that dribble from this legislatively incontinent government this wiill be aimed at the law abiding classes. The ones who will pay, the ones who will attempt to obey the law.
Do you really see those scrotes who you despise really paying up.

Of course it will be raised through taxation, so infact what we will have is not 500 smackers per head, but about 1,200 per head of those foolish enough to obey the law.
Not a good deal by my account.