Thursday, January 19, 2006

I must be overcome

I poddled along to the press Conference held by Duffenfuhrer after the Parliament voted to ignore the outside world and continue with its attempt to jemmy the European Constitution back to life. What I heard was the authentic voice of the fundamentalist federast.
First up was Andrew Duff, sadly I missed the start of his comments, but he was discussing some report on the Constitution that is being written by the German authorities. Duff stated that it was always difficult when people had different ideas, as the splits in the facade could be utilised by opponents of the European integration. however what he said next was terribly revealing, "I urge Germany not to translate their report into English". After all we don't want the unwashed to understand what is happening elsewhere.
However it was the reaction of Johannes Voggenhuber that took the biscuit.
His report he claimed "made major changes to reality". Eh, no Johannes, reality exists independent of the decisions or wishes of the European Parliament.
He went on to crystallise what I hate about him and his type,
"We must overcome nationalism, and liberalism, and hegemony in Europe... We must overcome the tyrannies; we must overcome the residues of the nineteenth century. We must get rid of this poison, this myth of national independence".


Serf said...

The only reason that National Independence is a myth, is the unwanted attentions of the federasts.

Aunty Marianne said...

Well politicians don't get elected for being mild-mannered diplomatic sorts. He got his headline, didn't he? Just not bright enough to target it. said...

Britsh conservatives, didn't you notice the the Impire is over and out? It is time you become a mere European country, and not one of the best, one must say.

Anonymous said...

For jcn 45

We have no problem acknowledging the Empire is over. However, may I suggest you read Niall Ferguson's book on Empire to see why the British Empire has had a more benign legacy than any other organisation in history, and almost certainly will do. The entire Anglosphere, which is the best hope for continued sanity in the world rather than the craven pusillanimity of the EU elite, is merely one of its greatest products.

As for not being one of the best European country, you pays your money and you takes your choice. In spite of nearly 9 years of New Labour, the UK still has a political and administrative culture laudably free of corruption and a Parliament which takes very seriously the task of ensuring that taxpayers money is spent as it should - cf the toothlessness and head in the sand attitude of the European Parliament's budgetary control committee.

Gillibrand said...

Schuessel is a eurosceptic. Voggenhuber's new reality.