Monday, December 12, 2005

By Gum

In it's page two editorial today, Swedish mass market daily Expressen actuallty seems to get it. Well at least part of it.

“The reason why the USA is winning”

The article asks the basic question,
"Why does the USA get so many Nobel prizes in the natural sciences, and is it a problem that Europe don’t?"

Good question. To my pleasant suprise it seems to almost get the right answer as well.

"The great advantage with the American system is that it rewards young talents, and Europe will never catch up as long as it doesn’t change its policy."

Now may I make a modest proposal, stop attacking entrepreneurship by supporting such regressive legislation as the Chemicals directive, REACh and other stuff. Take a long hard look at a social model that means that more than 50% of the working population are employed by the state, and support moves to remove the dead hand of Brussels from business. In fact Expressen could do worse than transfer its allegiance to the Juniliste in the forthcoming election.

Ok, maybe that wouyd be asking a bit too much.


eulogist said...

Fabulous. How REACH and unemployment benefits cause Europe's lag in scientific performance is completely beyond me, but I suppose that must be due to me having one of those inferior European science degrees and (consequently) lacking the insights of that gem of nordic quality journalism that is Expressen.

The first question to ask would be why most science students in the US are not Americans (or Europeans for that matter), but Asians. The next one, why the top universities of the world are usually in the US.

Combining those two questions immediately suggests that the answer may not so much lie in America's social or environmental policy, or even its educational policy - but in its science and research policy.

Anonymous said...

"... more than 50% of the working population are employed by the state"

Interesting on, Elaib. Do you have any hard facts to back it up?

All the best,


Anonymous said...

If more than 50% of GDP is used by the exortion funded sector then it's easy to see that more than 50% of the population is "employed" (directly and indirectly) by the state.

It's the level of exortion to the dead hand of the state via punishing financial success that decides whether the economy grows (US) or dies (EU).