Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Best thing since sliced ciabatta

I have just been sent this by a chum, one Marian Tupy of the Cato Institute. It seems that Mnsr Le Bon is unaware that Marion is a Czech himself and thus knows a little about bread and other baked goods.
The article referred to is to be found here, and a good and insightful article it is too.

Subject: Marian Tupy & the French price of bread

Mr. Tupy,

In one of your brilliant research articles on "Who Pays for Farm Subsidies?" you write that "the prices of bread in France and Germany are 45 percent higher than in the United States".

What kind of an idiot are you - how can you possibly compare the quality and artisanship of French bread with the industrial plastic material that is peddled as bread in the US ? Europeans gladly pay for quality and artisanship - unlike America where the masses live off low quality fast food and highly industrial processed food which goes completely against European culture and norms.

You are absolutely unqualified to write about Europe and instead of complaining about subsidies for small European farmers somebody should look into who is subsidizing your salary to write such silly articles.

Go and find yourself a real job instead of living off this American propaganda money from the CATO institute,

best rgds
Jean Le Bon

As a poor benighted denezin of the subsiding continent I would just like to point out that in my humble opinion, plastic white bread cannot be bettered for use in the creation of that paradigm of food, the bacon butty.
And as for process I am sure that Knorr, Danone and other such European muliples would reject the need for the European peasantry to be forced to spend more of their overtaxed income on food than is absolutely necessary. Now I am a great fan of the slow food movement, unpasturised cheeses are marvellous and a little dod of andouillette is pure heaven. But sod off Mr Le Bon.

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DirtCrashr said...

Stale bread is still stale, old bread...