Monday, November 07, 2005

Love it or Leave it

Tomorrow one of the French Presidential Candidates Philippe de Villiers for the MPF, (Mouvement pour la France),will be leading a demonstration against the riots afflicting his country (and now starting in Brussels, Denmark and Berlin) with a slogan

France - Love it or leave it.

The demonstration will take place at 14.15 outside the French Parliament. This follows a letter that was sent to the French Prime Minister, de Villepin
Rough translation,

"I demand that you take your response to the current situation to a new level, as it is now apparent that the country is engaging in something as near as possible to an ethnic civil war.
In the case of such a war, you must use the army.
You should use the army to use the army in the suburbs to conduct sweeps the apartments and cellars of those responsible to search for those weapons that have been used to fire at the police and other services over the past three nights.
He also called on the PM to cut all welfare payments to families in the suburbs who allow there children to go out at night to burn cars and buses

Meanwhile small towns of less than 20,000 are now suffering car burnings and gangs of angry youth. Al Jezeera is describing this as the "New Intifada". Of course it is not that serious, but slowly6, maybe mainstream European opinion might start oppose serious questions about the policies that have allowed an alien mass into its midst. A mass that in its essentials is inimical to western tolerant culture.

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