Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fat buffoon speaks out - it is appalling economic policies that are to blame

Claude Moraes, know for no apparent reason inthe European Parliament as Claude More-Arse is pontificating about the disturbances in France. Lets have a lok at what he is saying.
"unrest among French immigrants was bound to be more acute than in London or in Dutch cities because unemployment among some ethnic groups in France can be 5 or 6 times higher than the national average."

This may or not be true, I have not seen the evidence.
But what it seems to miss out is that France's own unemoployment is massively greater than the UK's or indeed Holland's. There again I wouldn't use Holland as an exemplar of racial harmony following the Van Gogh killing and the torching of schools and mosques after that hiorrific event. A country where politicians are kept in prison for their own saftey. Any how, carry on Claude.
"The UK has continued to grapple with tough integration problems but France has one of the worst records of labour market discrimination in Western Europe. This is because they have opted for an assimilationist model which says "everyone is French, everyone's the same".
Meanwhile unrest in England and the disaffection of young musilms in the UK meant that 50 odd people were blown apart on the London underground just a few short months ago. Has this man see the beam in his own eye?

But don't worry there is a knight in shining armour that can make everything better, yup you guessed it , the EuropeanUnion can pour balm on the troubled waters of France,
"The EU can help France root out the cause of unrest after this crisis by pressing the French government to implement a legal framework that will allow immigrants into the labour market, and together, highlighting the best examples of jobs, housing, policing and education integration".

That is it the panecea, the sugar pill, the excuse not to think off anything more useful. With one bound of Eu inspiredrhetoric he was free and able to concentrate on those important things in his life like, cultural events surrounding the world cup.

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Serf said...

The French system, that they are so keen to export to us, discriminates in favour of those lucky enough to be working, against the unemployed.

Free markets can't afford to discriminate. But when unemployment is so high, why employ someone from a dodgy neighbourhood, its an unnecessary risk.

They call it the European Social Model.