Saturday, October 29, 2005

There may be trouble ahead

According to AFP (behind a registration site) The new President of Poland, Mr Kaczynski has thrown yet another spanner of democracy into the great ongoing drive of integration. Unlike most of the new countries, such as the Baltic states he has announced that their will be a referendum on joining the eurozone. He said "The euro is not a question for today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It is a question for many years, especially since the EU is presently not encouraging us to join". Of course today opinion polls in Poland show a majority in favour of the Euro, but he has to be commended for his courage on this one, I am sure that Brussels is livid.
Meanwhile, and waking from his torpor, Lech Walesa has finally come to a conclusion about the Constitution, previosuly he had given it luke warm support, but now he seems to have changed his mind. He doesn’t like it. Which given the current state of play is a little bit like me deciding that I am not very partial to Ken Clarke’s candidacy for Tory leadership. It is good that I have come to a decision, my opinion doesn’t count for much and it is a little late.

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