Thursday, October 27, 2005

If you ask a silly question you get an Islamofascist answer

My landlady in Strasbourg and I were watching French news this morning. The story about the Iranian President’s oh so predictable comments about Israel was being shown. She turned to me and said,
You know I was taking my daughter to school the other day and I noticed the driver was North African, to pass the time of day I asked him if he was ov=observing Ramadan
“Yes” he said,
“How long does it go on for?”, I asked
“About 40 days”
“That must be tough. I guess you might wish you were Jewish at least their fast is only for one day?”
“Jews are not human he replied”.
You know she said to me, he was a young man, born here in Strasbourg, the home of France’s oldest settled Jewish community”, I worry for my children.”

So do I.

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Aunty Marianne said...

I'm tagging you. 5 consumer items you think are worth spending money on.

It's Tim Worstall's fault.

Consumer items, mind. Not racial relations seminars for the general public.