Monday, October 10, 2005

Cameron for (a) change

A birdy tells me that Cameron has promised to leave the EPP if elected leader of the Tory party. This would mean that both he and Liam Fox have this policy, leaving Rifkind (Ho) Clarke (new scep that he is) and Davis as the pro EPP candidates. As it seems likely that Clarke will be beaten by both of them, then there may well be a straight fight at the end. Extraodinarily it might by Fox versus Cameron.


ed thomas said...

I really hope it is Cameron v Fox. I think I also hope that Fox wins- but the main thing is that the battle will be fought over relevant conservative territory.

Elaib said...

Parp parp goes my little trumpet.
I understand that Cameron confirmed his decision to leave the EPP last night at the '92 group hustings.

All very interesting, where will Clarke suopporters go now, Cameroin was the easy choice, but he has gone and been Eurocsceptic at them.